14/01/2016 Tailoring your CV to your job role (Edmonton)

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This workshop will help you to understand the different approaches you can use to present information on your CV and the type of presentation which is likely to work best for you. We reflect on both your employment goal and your circumstances so that you can choose the most effective CV type. This involves thinking about the needs of your key audience – the employer you are submitting your CV to for consideration.

It is available to anyone who meets the eligibility criteria for an IAPT employment workshop.

Date: Thursday, 14th January 2016

Start and finish times: 10:15 am – 11:45 am

Forest Primary Care Centre
308a Hertford Road
N9 7HD

Further details can be found in the printable information sheet: Flyer for IAPT workshop on 14th January 2016 at 10.15am

Contact Information:
This workshop is no longer available.