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How will my information be stored

We use safe and secure, electronic patient record system. Please ask any of our teams or visit www.york.ac.uk/healthsciences/pc-mis for further information about this, and how we make sure that the information we write and hold about you is safe, accurate, and only used as you have agreed.

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IAPT Patient Portal

As part of our work with you, we ask you a range of questions every time we meet or talk with you. This is to help us keep track of how effective the treatment is, and to help you keep a log of your progress.

You can also answer these questions online using the IAPT Patient Portal. Your IAPT worker will provide you with a secure username and password to access this.

Smartphone users can download the IAPT Patient Portal App from the Apple Store or Google Play.

Download Patient Portal from the Apple Store Download Patient Portal from Google Play