Employment Workshop Eligibility Criteria

Employment Workshop Eligibility Criteria


What are the entry requirements for the workshop?

For this workshop attendees need to be resident in the borough of Haringey or Enfield, registered with a GP and aged 16 years old or over. Members also need to be able to speak, read and write English and be ready to engage constructively within the workshop. Our IAPT employment workshops are aimed at people suffering with low mood and low motivation and anyone who is seeking to move forward with employment and training goals. Our IAPT employment workshops are not suitable for people suffering more severely with problems. They are also not suitable for people suffering with anger problems or problems with drugs / alcohol.

How will the IAPT employment workshops be delivered?

Each IAPT employment workshop will be for 1 hour 45 minutes (and we ask people to attend 15 minutes early for registration). We will provide feedback forms to each person who attends the workshop so that we may have an opportunity to collect feedback from attendees. Subject to the consent of the person who completes a feedback form we can share this feedback with the organisation who referred the person (in an anonymised format). For an example of the feedback form we will be using please ask the IAPT point of contact for your organisation.

Do I need to speak to IAPT before referring someone into an IAPT employment workshop?

No, using the eligibility criteria above please just provide all the necessary details to people who will be suitable for the workshop and ask them to turn up on the day, time and at the venue of the specific workshop scheduled.

If you have any more questions about these workshops please ask the IAPT point of contact for your organisation or you can email terry.kafizas@nhs.net